Server list

Due to the international nature of these technical details, this information is provided only in English. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

Trends and analysis

Due to the continuously increasing amount of information, we've moved stuff concerning trends and technical history to a separate subpage - Technical trends.

Users and hostnames

Virtually all of our services for external users are located on servers with a primary reversing hostname of <servername> Ext in this context means external, as in services used by others than members of Säätöyhteisö B2 ry. No person appearing with an host on IRC or via his/her email address is a member of B2.

Exceptions include our primary web server, which hosts, in addition to projects handled internally by B2, some high volume websites of our closer affiliates. Also, personal websites and other projects run by our members may of course reside on any of our servers.

Physical servers

This contains a list of all server hardware operating primarily or exclusively for Säätöyhteisö B2 ry. All network connections for the servers at our primary location are hosted by Isolcom Ltd at Hostnames are hyperlinks when a website for the server computer or virtual host is available. This website may contain further details on the server computer as well as backgrounds on why a specific name was chosen for a certain server.

Hakuren (v3)

retired on 07/2016; services moved to co-op hardware


running temporary hardware

Youzen (v10 or so)

Co-operated servers

These are servers that we co-operate with one or more third parties, usually for the purpose of sharing costs or increasing reliability by co-locating servers to multiple locations.

Athena Renaissance (Athena v3)

Notable virtual servers

We've listed some of our major virtual servers, for the purpose of identifying key servers. Also, most of the virtual servers we run are only hosted by us and operated by a third party that we're sponsoring.


Other hardware

Workstations and not quite production grade, or even dedicated testing environments, but in any case hardware we like to keep track of. Makes sense to list them all in one place.

Daisuke (v6)
Enki (v3)